Mj21194g datasheets

If you don't have a moving coil meter - or a diode tester. You can still use these two circuits to identify the polarity of your transistor - and its pin configuration. MJ11028, MJ11030, MJ11032 (NPN) MJ11029, MJ11033 (PNP) High-Current Complementary Silicon Power Transistors High−Current Complementary Silicon Power Transistors are for use as output devices in complementary general purpose amplifier applications. Features • High DC Current Gain −hFE = 1000 (Min) @ IC = 25 Adc hFE = 400 (Min) @ IC = 50 Adc Supplier of MJ IC Chip used in Business Commercial & Industrial Electronic Equipment. Millions of parts can ship today 970-453-1762 Electronic Parts ic芯片6-150品牌、价格、pdf参数,买卖ic网提供最新、最全电子产品资料信息 ON HOT OFFER/ON FRANCHISED DISTRIBUTOR/ON STOCK OFFER-- News QIDA(HK)ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LIMITED electronic components buy sell\electronic components B2B\IC B2B\GRUNER\MAXIM\INVENSENSE\ANALOG DEVICES\TI\ON\SAMSUNG\HYNIX\FAIRCHILD\MICROCHIP\TOSHIBA\AMP,TYCO\MOLEX\RENESAS\LINEAR TECH