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SAT/ACT Grammar Cheat Sheet Grammar 1. Period = Semicolon = Comma + and/but 2. 2 commas = 2 dashes = non-essential clause. When crossed out, the sentence still makes sense. Grammar Cheat Sheet. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Grammar Cheat Sheet. Some of the worksheets displayed are Grammar quick reference, Grammar cheat, Grammar cheat, Negative question present simple i eat present simple she, Tp s read b il y m, Grammar handbook, Common grammar mistakes problem words affect effect, Club grammarian work date. I have found that the more advanced grammar books, like Martin Hewings’ Advanced Grammar in Use (available on, or on, have excellent reference sections that are perfect to use as cheat sheets. Of the cheat sheets I created, comma rules (PDF) and conjunctions (PDF) were the students’ favorites.