Printing a contact sheet in windows

This movie covers two special kinds of prints;…contact sheets and picture packages.…A contact sheet consists of one or more pages of photo thumbnails that you can…use as a printed record of your digital photos.…A picture package is a little different.…It's a way to print multiple photo sizes at once and usually a picture package…has the same photo printed over and over, although it ... It seems the only way to print your images multi-up on a page in Windows 10 is to select the bottom option (contact sheet) on that printing dialog. However, it will print 35 up with captions on the printing page . . . Sep 19, 2012 · You have a couple of options on how you can do this in windows live mail. The first way may use a lot of paper if you have a lot of contacts. Open the Contacts and select all contacts by pressing Ctrl and A, then choose File and Print. The other option is to export them to a CSV file and print the CSV file. By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova . Adobe Photoshop Elements offers two printing options that are available in different places on Windows and the Mac: Picture Package enables you to arrange one or more images on a page, and print those images from a selection of standard-size prints; Contact Sheet enables you to print samples of several images.